Professional Installation

Installation is available with all products that require professional installation. This includes chlorinators, filters, lighting, and pumps. Your shop assistant will help arrange delivery and installation of your pool equipment at a time that will suit you. Please discuss this when you place your order. Pool equipment requires full payment prior to delivery or installation.

Free Installation

Please contact us for information on the products suited to free delivery and installation. The offer only includes standard installations; some equipment may require additional plumbing, electrical work, or other extraordinary services which are not included in the installation component of your order. However, we can provide you with a quote for those services and have the whole thing done for you.

Goods will include a manufacturer’s warranty where stated.

If equipment is replacing existing equipment that has been maintained by us, we will be happy to provide you with free installation and delivery.

Installation Restrictions

Free installation is based on a standard service fee that is suitable for most common pool types and setups. Our qualified pool technicians will evaluate your needs and advise you prior to installation if there will be any additional service charges.

If your purchase cannot be installed due to site/pool limitations or incompatibility, we may suggest alternative products. We will not proceed without your permission, however, as the client you are required to pay any difference in price. If there are no suitable substitutes, Atlantis Pool Services will provide a full refund less costs incurred by delivery and service. Therefore, it is smart to be prepared when purchasing products requiring installation. Call and talk to us, be prepared with all the information necessary to help make the right decision such as pool dimensions, type (salt or chlorine), and other information you can provide.

Atlantis Pool Services covers a restricted area for installation, call us for more information.

Filter & Media Removal

If you are replacing an existing filter, please note that due to the cost and labour involved with filter and media removal, free installation does not cover this service. A $150 service charge applies for the safe removal and disposal of your existing filter and media.

If you plan on personally removing your filter and media, please note that used media contains hazardous chemicals and bacteria that is unsafe for disposal in your garden or backyard. It should always be disposed of in accordance with local regulations and you should always ensure all pets and children are removed from the area prior to removal and clear of the item while in storage.

Can I install it myself?

Some products such as pumps and filters require installation and servicing by a professional pool/spa service technician as a condition of the manufacturer’s warranty. Installing or servicing these products yourself may result in property damage, serious injury, or death. Improper installation and/or operation will void the warranty. Therefore, the saving on installation could end up costing you the price of a new piece of equipment. Please call us if you would like to install your pool equipment and we can discuss this with you.

Other products like automatic cleaners can be easily assembled and installed by anyone with the included instructions and doing so will not void your warranty.

As always, please contact us at Atlantis Pool Services if you would like advice on anything regarding your pool.

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