Creating that pool and entertainment area was a great idea. So why diminish your family’s enjoyment of the pool with inferior pool chemistry or a pool cleaner that does half the job?

Perfect Chemistry- for no Extra Money

At Atlantis Pool And Spa we believe the investment in your pool should continue with the right equipment and chemicals to maximise your enjoyment of the pool. Often the new chemistry approach costs the same as the outdated one you may be using.


Attention Queenslanders

This is Queensland, so we’re using the pool more than almost any other society on the planet. Great weather, great entertaining opportunities. Let your pool shine with our products, perfect chemistry and expert care.


Robotic Cleaners Pay for Themselves

Check out our Robotic Cleaners that effectively pay for themselves with reduced energy consumption.


Accessorise Your Pool

Bling, and functional accessories, you name it, we can access it. Lights, covers, floaters, and more.

Everyday Specials

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Our Dealerships

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